pagepageWe come to it at last! The conclusion to chapter 18 of the Dunkin Skid’s saga. Dunkin is beginning to have serious regrets for not taking the stranger’s advice about the true nature for why he was placed in Mt. St. What The Fuck by Dr. Baiada. He can’t put a finger on why he’s feeling this way. Dunkin only knows that his intuition is telling him to trust the stranger and, not Baiada. However, his inner demon, Dragon is urging the vulnerable Dunkin to stick with doctor Baiada. Will Dunkin be able to withstand the desires of his demon. Keep reading and find out as Shakeem Winn and Mythic Eye Publications presents Dunkin Skid’s Book One Chapter 18: Dunkin’s Advocate part 4! Dunkin Skid’s lives forever!

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