pagepagepagepageHello fellow Skid heads. The mouse-cat returns in the continuation of the origin’s chapter. Dunkin is surprised to find out that Baiada will not be doing his psychological evaluation. Doctor Penelope Gushman will do it instead. Dunkin is at first taking aback by the doctors stature and appearance. In his eyes, the doctor looks like a zombie, midget trying to be a boss. However, he will learn that like most characters in his off beat world; there is more to her than meets the eye. Now prepare yourselves for part two of chapter 19 and remember, always remember that Dunkin Skids lives forever! Also, be sure to catch other characters in the Shakverse such as Kasnian Star and the Legacy of Kouros at www.kasnianstar.wordpress.com and Hip Zander at www.hipzanderchronicles.wordpress.com.

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