Dunkins WordI miss you Kim. You are the whole reason for why I exist, and yet, here I’am. Staring at these stinking walls, wondering if I’m ever gonna see you again. No! I know I’m gonna see you again. I didn’t struggle for nothing. I didn’t survive tens years of shooting up just to die in a fucked up place like Mount Saint What the Fuck! No way I’m going out like a chump. I can take whatever these assholes can throw at me. I said it before and I’ll say it again. I’m Dunkin Skids dammit! I was born in the heart of Goddamn City! I took on that and I’ll take on this! I will get you back baby girl. I promise! This has been another Dunkin Skids Random Rant. Checkout other characters from the Shakverse such as Kasnian Star and the Legacy of Kouros at and The Hip Zander Chronicles at

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