Should African American Americans Invest In Creating Their Own Mythology

With the resurgence of Superheroes back in the main stream and the uncertainty in regards to the future of America; Should African Americans invest in the task of creating their own mythology to survive the hardships to come. I believe they should. Mythology has always been the thread that held civilizations together especially, in times of crisis. Religion which can be associated with mythology to a degree have kept African slaves from descending into oblivion. They used the Christian faith along with the customs and traditions of their homeland and, molded them together to create something unique and powerful that helped them survive the dark times. I believe African Americans need to create a new unifying mythology that can bring them all together. The unification of a people has always been a key to their survival. I look at the African American community now and with the few exceptions, we are slipping beneath the cracks. Violence, alcohol abuse, drug addiction, lack of educational and economic opportunities. This comes from the fact that we don’t rely on our selves. We rely on others to help us or sponsor us. Self reliance comes with confidence. This is where myth comes into play. The best mythology especially; the ones that feature heroes always inspires confidence. I believe this is something that is lacking in the African American community as well. Heroes inspire us to believe in ourselves. sportsman and musicians fall short in this department because they lack the moral compass that is needed for unifying strength. I think we call agree that charity work is usually only meant to increase a public profile, not to help the masses. This is why the money for charity never reaches it’s destination. No! We need a true hero and one that looks like us. Although, I like Superman. I can’t relate to him.

2 thoughts on “Should African American Americans Invest In Creating Their Own Mythology

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