dunkin skids the demon stare                                                                                                                                                                                               They locked my skinny little ass away in this little shit hole the orderlies lovingly call the pit. it’s this damp, stank, and cramped room they built in the bowels of Mount Saint What the Fuck! It smells absolutely foul in here. No one comes to see me except the    orderly who  gives me a plate of food every couple of hours and empties the bucket I’m forced to take a piss and shit in. The only company I have is Dragon who continues to creep around in the corner of my minds eye. I try to keep him at bay but, it’s hard. I drift between thoughts of him and my daughter. I wonder where she is and how’s she’s doing. I know one thing. I’d better not find out she’s been hurt. If she is or has been, all hell is gonna’ break loose up in this bitch!

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