Dunkin Skids reduxI see you now Dragon. I know what you want and, guess what? You can’t have me the way I was. I’m never going back to those days. I don’t care what you do or what you say. I remember those days and I hated who I was. I hate what my life is now. listening to you made me loose everything that was near and dear to me. I can’t go back there again, not ever. So do your worse asshole cause I’m ready for you.


pagepagepagepagepageHello my friends. Sorry it took so long for me to get back too all of you, but I had to say goodbye to an old friend. However, the morning period has past and it’s time to continue on with more of Dunkin Skids! Now, we all know about Dunkin’s dilemma, but do you know why or how he got all screwed up in the first place? Well, you will as I present the first of ten part chapter titled “Origins!” Yes. That’s right Skid heads. For the first time ever, we will learn about the history of our favourite bat-shit crazy, anti-hero. So sit back and discover the origins of Dunkin Skids!

The Shaverse Pays Tribute To Cyril Belleau

Hip Zander character designsKasnian Star character designsDUNKIN AND DRAGONHello my friends. Today is a sad day indeed. My wife and I are going to St. Thomas to bury her father Cyril Belleau. To my wife he was a strong, powerful, father. To me. Cyril was a teacher, drill sergeant and warrior poet. He could tell a story like no one else. In fact, it was he, who inspired me to tell my own stories in comic book form because his seemed so visual. God speed noble warrior. You were part Wolverine, one-third pit-bull and all tractor trailer. The world is already a less interesting place without you. Out of respect for my father and law; the Shakverse will go on hiatus until next Friday when I post a new entry of Dunkin Skids. Thanks for the swift kick in the ass when I needed it Cyril. I salute you as does the Shakverse!